International healthcare exhibition

In  1st-3rdof December ,International health care exhibition and conference held at Baghdad international exhibition with participation of 47 Iraqi companies  represent many international companies and shows several kinds of medical accessories and instruments ,there are more than ten thousand visitor , alqiffaf  group exhibit at  this medical forum and we make a direct presentation on our products range with the most important medical personalities here in Iraq , and because of our activities we obtain good response from the visitors represented by inviting as to make presentations in their sites and give them offers and make service and maintenance for their old parts .

Seminar for sales of AAS ,HPLC & XRD instruments at Dohuk University in Kurdistan region

Departments of sales and application  held a sales meeting at Dohuk university on 27-29 july-2013,introducing  Shimadzu products  the meeting items explain  main features  and specifications of instrument  (AAS, HPLC & XRD ) and  made comparison with our comparators , after this meeting  the costumers  prefer  Shimadzu products  and  we will reach  to final stage to Signing a contract  .

 Lecturers : Eng . Ahmed  A. Mohammed & Chemist . Zeyad  A. Shahad

Seminar for application of GCMS for pesticides analysis in fruit and vegetables

The Department of application and  sales held a seminar at sulaimania governorate ( Kurdistan Region ) on 27-july-2013,Introducing  shimadzu GC/MS 2010QP ULTRA the particiepant at this  seminar including the food safety agriculture organization ,Veterinary research center and sulaimania Governorate personnel ,After this seminar a new plan for the food safety management  had  been  sugested to buy GC/MS  and establish  their own control plan on imported food safety management .

Lecturers : Dr. Muthana H. Mahmood & Eng. Ali Falh


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