Target customers
* Educational sector :
 it's consider our major customer and it consist of more than 25 universities, 30  technical institutes and many educational research centres. All these institutions are headed by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research which we have a good business with them, for example from 2004 to 2012 our turnover was more than 15,000,000 USD. the expected budget for next 5 years is  35 - 50,000,000 USD .
* Quality control and Research labs  Which includes:
Central organization for quality control & standardization
Food stuff quality control labs
National centre for construction labs
Drinking & sewage water quality control labs.
Drugs quality control Lab.
Veterinary Directorate
Our turnover form 2004 to 2012 was 7,000,000 USD & the expected budget  for the next 5 years is 15,000,000 USD.
* Oil & Petrochemical sector :
This sector is consisting of more than branch: Oil and Gas filling companies ,  Refineries Companies , petrochemical industries and Fertilizer indestries . And each of the above consists of (North, Mid, South) companies; our turnover with this sector from 2004 to 2012 is 7,000,000 USD, the expected budget for the next 5 years is 15-25,000,000 USD .
*Security solution sector :

This field consist of ministry of interior ( MOI ) and ministry of defence ( MOD ) amd many special agencies ( ISOF ) ( EOD team ) ( Counter terrorism teams ) ( DEA ) our business turnoffer from 2004-2014 is about 15.000.000 USD and the expected budget for the next 5 year is about 15.000.000 USD , and we are looking to be the main supplier for this sector .
* Industry sector :
ِِِA - Pharmaceutical industries : Actually,  this field is very weak in Iraq and it's in the begging steps, and the product is cover only 5%  from Iraqi market request , there are two main  factories in Iraq ,  SDI & NDI and these are governmental pharmaceutical plant, & our turnover from 2004 to 2012 with both of them is 2,000,000 USD & the expected budget for the next 5 years is 10-15,000,000 USD.
In addition to that there are some factories belongs to private sector (about 70 small plants) , actually recently this field is starting to grow up & we expect that this field will be very important in the near future because new rules must be implement to improve this industry in Iraq.
B- Cement industry:  Actually its prospers industry & there are 20 to 25 working  factories & they are interest with X-Ray & Quality control instruments, we expect that this field will improve rapidly with the next few years, specially that the government is going to expose this industry for global investment what is mean that this industry will develop in quality & quantity. Our turnover for the period from 2004 to 2012 about  2 ,000,000  USD, we  the expected budget it will raise to 20,000,000 USD within next 5 years.  
*Ministry of  Health :
KIMADIA was previously the only authorized side to control the operation of importing everything related to health sector in Iraq, but now KIMADIA controls only 50% of this business & the other 50% is managing by the local governments.  The budget for the last 6 years was two million USD.  this field is so active & we expect 15-20,000,000 USD , will be spend for instruments and kits, For the next 5 years, by the way there is a new project planned to be lunched soon for  establishing 35 hospital of 400 bed & this will create a huge business movement in this sector.
* Forensic & biotechnology Sector :                                                                
 As many knows Iraq had been three wars in which different kind of chemical and  irradiated weapons were used which caused many genetic defects and diseases,  and there are more than 600 mass graves were discovied wich contain more than 600 ,000 unidentified dead body must be recognized. there are more than five centers involved in this sector the most one known is bdelong to Ministry of Internal and its name is  Laboratory evidence of criminal and there are more than18 subsidery lab under this foundation and there is a plane to furnish these labs step by step within this year they will start with three of them and there is more than 20,000.000 USD as a budget to cover this project.

* Agriculture & food Sector :
This field consist of Research &development centers ,Quality Controls labs & veternary  Labs.  All of them return to Ministry of Agriculture , and there is more than project for  instruments and kit will be issued in this year.


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